Bible Study / Small Groups

The church is a living organism and the Bride of Christ!  We believe we must grow larger and smaller at the same time.  Small Groups and Sunday School/Bible Study groups are the heartbeat of First Baptist Texas City.  Every member needs to be a part of one.  It is the primary way we grow spiritually and how individual needs are met.


Adult Bible Study Classes

Caring & Sharing
Location: Front wing - North end
Howard Jackson

Young Couples - Three Strands
Location: Room #1
Anne Miller & Marcy Talley

Location: Room #2
Jerry WIlliams

Joy in Christ - Men
Location: Room #3
Henry Pope

Joy in Christ - Ladies
Location: Room #4
Patsy Jackson

C.S.I. (Christians Seeking Instruction)
Location: Room #5
Debbie Conley

Location: Room #6
Ronn Mason

Student Bible Study Classes

7th - 12 Grade - Main Building Room # 9 - Led by Tesa Skipper

FBCTC Kids Bible Study Classes

Babies - 11 months - Children's Building #1

12 months - 23 months - CB#3

2 Year Olds - CB#7

3 Year Olds - CB#10

4 Year Olds - Kindergarten - CB#10

1st - 2nd Grade - CB#9

3rd - 4th Grade - CB#13

5th - 6th Grade - CB#2