Finishing the Task

Finishing the Task is a capital stewardship campaign that will allow us to build out our building at Mall of the Mainland.  We’re asking the members of First Baptist Church to pray about what God would have them give over and above their tithe for the next three years.  Our need is to raise $1.7 million. 

Finishing the Task is a supernatural, God opportunity for us to establish our future and to bring more souls into God’s Kingdom!  This is our moment to expand our reach and have a major impact on the Galveston County area and beyond.  We must create an environment where people from every culture background and generation can be reached with the gospel and experience the love of God in a tangible way. 

  • Sunday, March 29, Impact Sunday - Online Worship & Do-it-at-home Communion - Commit to online pledges or mail in pledge cards
  • Sunday, April 12, Reveal Sunday & First Fruits Offering
Our History at FBCTC


     In 1992, First Baptist Church appointed a committee to look for property on the west side of the city.  Projections back then were that the town would see significant growth in that area.  The committee brought back a recommendation to buy the property where St. Johns Methodist and Elmcroft presently are located.  The Church voted 70% to 30% to buy the property, but the feeling was that there was too much opposition for such a significant move.  Then again, in 2008, First Baptist did another study, which showed that the west side of Texas City was projected to have substantial growth.  The Church voted to offer the property to the School (at the superintendent's request), but the deal fell through.  Because of the economic downturn, in 2008-09, the projected growth in our area did not happen. In 2011, we were able to buy the Mainland School property and tried to have Church at two locations.  The School made another offer on our property across from the Texas City High School in 2016.  The Church voted to accept the offer by a 69% vote. The Church cleared 2.7 million from the sale of the Ninth Ave property.  Many of our members objected to the Mainland School property because of location and accessibility.  A week after the vote, First Baptist was offered the former Dillard's building at the mall.  The Church voted to purchase the building (150,000 sq. ft.) and 12 acres of a paved parking lot for 3.75 million.  Two million was put down on the Dillard's structure with the rest financed, and we kept $700,000 for expenses on the building (architect, new roof, new van, cooling towers, etc.). Finally, in 2019, the Mainland School property sold, which will allow the Church to move forward in re-purposing the Mall property.

Our Future

First Baptist Church has dreamed of this move for over 27 years.  The timing couldn't be better.  The predicted houses for this area are now either built or in the planning stages of construction.  City Planners anticipate that 50,000 to 70,000 people will be moving into a 5-mile radius of our church building in the next 5 to 10 years.  Our present challenge reminded me of the children of Israel when they rebuilt the Temple coming out of captivity.  It was going slow, and so the prophet Zechariah gave some encouragement to them when he prophesized in Zechariah 8:9, "Be strong and finish the task!"  Taking this Scripture as inspiration, we are naming this campaign Finishing the Task! 

The Building Project

     The project we are entering into is the re-purposing of the former Dillard’s store at the Mall of the Mainland into First Baptist Church.  What we will be building out.

         *Worship Center:  We will build out an auditorium with a state-of-the-art audio-visual system that will lead to Spirit-filled worship for decades to come.

         *Spacious Foyer Area: Outside the worship area will be a spacious area for worshipers to gather and fellowship.  The foyer area will feature an infinity baptismal pool named in honor of Grayson Glass.  Also, there will be bathrooms, a coffee bar, and a First Steps counseling room.

         *Pre-school/Children’s area:  This area will be built out for safety as well as an engaging learning environment where our precious kids will learn of God's love, their specialness, and the stories of Jesus.

         *Youth Area:  This area will be a spacious environment that will have a worship area for our youth as well as classrooms to enhance the discipleship of our youth.

         *Adult Area:  This area will provide classrooms for our Sunday School classes on Sunday as well as rooms for small groups meeting at the Church during the week.

         *Fellowship Hall: Our Church will feature a beautiful and spacious fellowship hall with a warming kitchen attached to this space.  This area will be perfect for receptions, fellowship dinners, and conferences.

         *Upstairs:  The upstairs area, presently being used for offices, will host the History, Quilting and Puppet Ministries. 

“I’m asking you to join with me in faith, trusting God to use you like never before to love God, love others, and serve the world so souls can be added to the Kingdom.  Begin praying about what God will do through you as we take this step together into the very exciting future that God has for us.”  Pastor Robert Miller

How can I pledge/give to the Finishing the Task Campaign?

  • You can pledge online by logging into  Under "giving" click on pledge.
  • Or you can submit a pledge card by mailing it to the church office at 10000 Emmett F. Lowry Expy, Suite 2000, Texas City TX 77591
  • If you would like the church to send you a pledge card by mail, call the church office @ (409) 986-4950
  • You can give to Finishing the Task by mailing your gift to the church office or giving online Here