Youth Ministry


CONNECTING with Students by

ENGAGING them with the life changing gospel that will

EMPOWER them to live life to the fullest through Christ. 

Weekly Schedule


9:30am Bible Study for 7-12 Upper Room 

10:45am Worship- Worship Center                                                                     


6:00pm Youth Meal

6:30pm Youth Praise and Worship 

7:30pm Youth Small Group

8:00pm Youth Dismissal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Collide 2022/Schedule & Registration


Friday January 14

3:00p                        Leader meeting at 3:30

5:00 to 6:00p         Check In @ Host Home-

6:30p                        Dinner @ BAC

7:15p                        Collision #1

9:00p                        Head to Host Homes

9:30p                        Small Group Session 1

12:00a                      Lights OUT


Saturday January 15

10:00a                       Collision #2

11:00a                      Small Group Session (on campus)

12:00p                      Lunch @ BAC followed 

1:00-2:30p               Rec

2:30p                        Free Time

6:00                            Dinner @ BAC

7:00p                        Collision #3

8:30p                        Head to Host Homes

9:00p                        Small Group Session 3

12:00a                      Lights OUT


Sunday January 16

9:15a                         Students arrive (with luggage) in UR for breakfast

9:30a                         Collide Reflections in UR

10:45                        Worship Service (Students Sit Together front right)

12:00p                     GO HOME!!


Online Registration